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Optimising returns with in-house Bond income market commentary, updates, news and specialist fixed income analysis.

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In-house bond market commentary conducted by our team of fixed income specialists. 

Each week, our team pull together a Bond income market commentary, which showcases the bonds we are trading at this time, as well as unearths what we are seeing in market, and other company news specific to Bond income. 

Within Bond income’s market commentary and specialist insights, you will also have exposure to our “Six Packs”.

Find out what our team of experts are saying and access your market commentary below.

Six Pack Bond Portfolios

“Six Packs” are a simple way for investors to get an idea of what is trading in the Australian Fixed Income market. 

They are a portfolio of suggested investments we frequently trade that achieve an estimated and desired return. 

Investors can purchase the entire portfolio of securities or buy them individually. 

Six pack one

Focus on high quality issues, liquidity and providing balance to portfolios.
2%* Per annum
  • Capital Preservation
  • Portfolio Balance
  • Investment Diversity

Six pack two

Moving down the capital structure to increase return, strong liquidity and well rated issues.
3%* Per annum
  • Capital Preservation
  • Investing through the Capital Structure
  • Maintaining Liquidity

Six pack three

Increased risk profile, reducing the rating constraints on a bond portfolio.
4%* Per annum
  • Increasing Income and Returns
  • High Yield Issues
  • Investing through the Capital Structure

With a diverse range of issues from varying sectors, and multiple service offerings, and products, find out more about specific issues, alternative six pack bond portfolios, managed discretionary accounts and more.

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Our team of fixed income and bond specialists assist investors in accessing Australia’s corporate bond market. If you’re looking to invest in corporate bonds, and are seeking further information on specific issues, looking for specific yield to maturity, or simply want to find out more, contact us today. 

Bond Income Application

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Requirements to invest in bonds and fixed income:

As a customer of Bond income, there are a couple of things we need from you in order to complete your application and process your investments. Our team of specialists are on hand around the clock to assist you in your investment needs, to get started you will need:

  • Wholesale Investor’s Certificate or Accountants Certificate – provided by Accountant
  • Recent Bank Statement
  • Further Certified Identification (KYC/AML) should we require
  • If you’re investing under a trust, we need a certified copy of the trust deed
*Please return all documentation to and or get in touch with a Bond income specialist on 1300 784 132 should you require further information. 

Once your account is set up, you will then be able to begin investing. 

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