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Key features of monthly reports:

Monthly reports include unique information on securities, any changes to the current market conditions and comprehensive breakdown of performance including:

  • Performance
  • Security Performance
  • Strategy
  • News on Banks and Financials 
  • News on Corporates
  • Term Deposit Overview
  • Key Events
  • Curve Data and More…
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“External research is vital for ensuring we keep our investors up-to-date with what’s happening in market, and also ensure we provide transparency,” Jon Lechte, CEO

Greater transparency with BondAdviser...

BondAdviser is Australia’s only specialist fixed income research platform providing valuable information and clear investment recommendations for all ASX-listed interest rate securities and a broad range of over-the-counter corporate bonds. 

Research is unbiased and gathered using a 6 pronged approach:

  1. Security Screening: All securities are screened and vetted.
  2. Issuer Assessment: Analysis of risk based on quantitative and qualitative data.
  3. Security Assessment: Analyse unique characteristics of the security itself.
  4. Valuation: Calculation of valuation to ensure investors are being appropriately compensated for the level of risk associated with the product.
  5. Recommendation: Drawing on insights, BondAdviser produces information on buying, selling or holding the security.
  6. Review & Adjust: Finally, ongoing monitoring of changing conditions is maintained to ensure research and recommendation remains valid. 
Bond income are proud to have partnered with BondAdviser to provide complimentary weekly and monthly research to our investors.  
Bond Adviser

“Our research is vital to ensure we continue to provide transparency to our investors,” Jon Lechte, CEO.