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Corporate bonds – Cashwerkz launches Bond income.

Bond income

Bond income

Bond income was set up by Cashwerkz to offer greater access and transparency to corporate bonds for Wholesale Investors, and other eligible Australians including Financial Advisers, and Investment Policymakers.

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Cashwerkz has launched a corporate bonds business, Bond income.

Bond income was set up by the Cashwerkz group to provide greater access to corporate bonds. The service is for wholesale investors (certified by their Accountants) and eligible Australians including Financial Advisers (and therefore their wholesale clients) and Investment Policymakers.

Bond income combines first-class fixed income and bond broking expertise.

With state-of-the-art trading technology and external leading market research from BondAdviser, it’s our aim to provide greater access and transparency to the corporate bond market for eligible investors.

With fair and competitive pricing, wholesale investors can enjoy:

  • Access to global fixed income markets including foreign exchange capability.
  • Over the counter and ASX listed debt security execution.
  • Access to new issues from a broad suite of issuers (Investment grade, sub-investment grade and non-rated issues).
  • In-house bond market commentary provided by Bond income’s team of specialists.

Our investors are comprised of sophisticated and wholesale investors, Financial Advisers with wholesale clients, and the investment policymakers of councils, not-for-profits and corporates.

Now more than ever, bonds count.

Cash rates are at all-time lows and equity market volatility is once again at the forefront of investor’s minds. Bond income offers investors access to an asset class that provides greater confidence when investing.

“Our team at Cashwerkz have worked tirelessly to build a bond offering to our clients in a very short time. Our approach is to provide investors with a platform that will optimise investments across both deposits and securities to achieve the investor’s objectives. This is really, really exciting,” said CEO Jon Lechte.

Bond Income offer investors complimentary access to Bond Adviser r.esearch, an independent Australian bond research provider. Regularly, we will keep investors updated on key market insights. We will also share what’s happening in the Australian investment sphere.

New Investors Find Value In:

  • No custody fees forever for investors who open accounts in 2020.
  • No fees when transferring from one custodian to another when opening a Bond income account and switching from another provider. 
  • Receive a complimentary subscription to weekly and monthly leading market research by BondAdviser. 

Bond income assists the following customers:

  • SMSFs
  • Wholesale Investors
  • Financial Advisers with wholesale clients
  • Councils
  • Community Organisations
  • Not for Profits

Open your free Bond income account today and never miss a fixed income opportunity again – talk to a Bond income specialist today.