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Corporate bonds for wholesale investors.

ASX Listed and Hybrid

ASX Listed Debt Security and Hybrid Execution Available

Secure greater returns than Cash

Better Risk Adjusted

Portfolio Optimisation Capability

Portfolio Optimisation Capability

Bonds are held in safe custody

All Bonds Holdings are Kept in Safe Custody

Independent and leading research

Independent and Market Leading Research by BondAdviser

Expert Bonds Team

An Expert Team of Fixed Income Professionals

Small Parcel Bonds

Bonds Accessible in Parcels of $50,000 min.

Multiple currency and foreign exchange facility

Multiple Currencies and Foreign Exchange Facility

Bonds Portfolios

“Six Packs” are a simple way for investors to get an idea of what is trading in the Australian Fixed Income market. 

They are a portfolio of suggested investments we frequently trade that achieve an estimated and desired return. 

Investors can purchase the entire portfolio of securities or buy them individually. 

Six pack one

Focus on high quality issues, liquidity and providing balance to portfolios.
2%* Per annum
  • Capital Preservation
  • Portfolio Balance
  • Investment Diversity

Six pack two

Moving down the capital structure to increase return, strong liquidity and well rated issues.
3%* Per annum
  • Capital Preservation
  • Investing through the Capital Structure
  • Maintaining Liquidity

Six pack three

Increased risk profile, reducing the rating constraints on a bond portfolio.
4%* Per annum
  • Increasing Income and Returns
  • High Yield Issues
  • Investing through the Capital Structure

With a diverse range of issues from varying sectors, multiple service offerings products, find out more about specific issues, alternative Six Pack bond portfolios, managed discretionary accounts and more.

About Bond income

Bond income was set up by the Cashwerkz group to provide greater access to corporate bonds for wholesale investors (certified by their Accountants) and eligible Australians including Financial Advisers (with wholesale clients) and Investment Policymakers.

Combining first class fixed income and bond broking expertise, state-of-the-art trading technology and external leading market research from BondAdviser, Bond income provides greater access and transparency to the corporate bond market for eligible investors.

With fair and competitive pricing, investors can enjoy:

·       Access to global fixed income markets including foreign exchange capability.

·       Over the counter and ASX listed debt security execution.

·       Access to new issues from a broad suite of issuers (Investment grade, sub-investment grade and non-rated issues).

·       In-house bond market commentary provided by Bond income’s team of specialists.

Our investors are comprised of sophisticated and wholesale investors, Financial Advisers with wholesale clients, and the investment policymakers of councils, not-for-profits and corporates.

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FAQs and further information

Bond income provides greater access to corporate bonds, for wholesale investors (certified by their Accountants) and eligible Australians including Financial Advisers and Investment Policymakers. 

Through the use of leading external bond market research provided by BondAdviser, and in-house market commentary conducted by Bond income’s team of market specialists, we aim to provide transparency to investors. 

It’s our goal to upskill and inform investors on current fixed income market indices and trends, aiding investors to make better decisions and earn better risk adjusted returns. 

With fair and competitive pricing, new investors can enjoy: 

  • No custody fees forever for investors who open accounts in 2020.
  • No fees when transferring from one custodian to another when opening a Bond income account and switching from another provider. 
  • Receive a complimentary subscription to weekly and monthly leading market research by BondAdviser. 

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Invest in bonds today for a better tomorrow.

Investing in bonds is a great way for investors to find stable and fixed income solutions. Bond income offers over the counter (OTC) and ASX listed debt security execution to wholesale investors and eligible Australian investors.   

To invest in corporate bonds, investors open a free Bond income account. Once your investment account is set up, your Bond income Relationship Manager will require a written instruction from a registered email address authorised to transact bonds on the nominated account. 

Bonds are tradable securities with the majority of of transactions occurring in an over the counter (OTC) market. An investor wishing to buy or sell a bond will need to engage a broker to act on their behalf. A broker, such as Bond Income specialist, will need to physically match a buyer with a seller for a trade to occur. Much the same way as a real estate agent might facilitate the purchase and sale of a house.

Bond income offer an array of issues from a broad suite of issuers (investment grade, sub-investment grade and non-rated issues). For specific information on buying and selling corporate bonds, talk to a fixed income specialist today.

Most over the counter (OTC) wholesale securities can only be traded by wholesale investors because they are designed to cater to more experienced investors. As such, they have fewer compliance obligations and less regulatory requirements under ASIC (The Australian Securities & Investments Comission). The rationale behind that is that people who are considered wholesale investors are more likely to be able to evaluate interests in an investment without needing the protection of a regulated disclosure statement like a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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