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Download your Bond income application pack using the form on the left. Once you complete your investment account, you will be able to access the latest bonds and fixed income issues – our team are constantly finding new ways to add value to our investors.


Our team of specialists are on hand around the clock to assist you in your investment needs, to get started you will need:

  • Complete the Bond income Application Form and return it to
  • Provide a copy of your Wholesale Investor’s Certificate (provided by an Accountant) or complete the Qualified Accountants Certificate we provide in our application pack.
  • Agree to the Custody Account Terms and Conditions
You may also be asked to provide:
  • A Recent Bank Statement
  • Further Certified Identification (KYC/AML) should we require
  • If you’re investing under a trust, we need a certified copy of the trustee

Please return the application (all documents) to

Need further assistance? Our team are happy to help here: 1300 784 132.

Once your account is set up, you will then be able to begin investing. 

“Our team use state-of-the-art bank grade and trusted technology, and comprise of some of Australia’s leading experts in bonds and fixed income, get in touch with us today.”

Jon Lechte CEO Bond Income
Jon Lechte

Simply fill out the form below and download the Bond income application pack. Be sure to check your inbox and also, your downloads folder for the pack.

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