The Smith Family Partnership

BondIncome is proud to partner with The Smith Family – Australia’s leading children’s education charity.

We are proud to support The Smith Family – Australia’s leading children’s education charity, providing young Australians from disadvantaged backgrounds with the extra tools and support they need to succeed at school, so they can create better futures for themselves.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we will be supporting The Smith Family program by donating $150 for every client who opens a BondIncome account, which will assist The Smith Family to provide educational support to disadvantage children.

The disadvantage experienced by the 1.2 million young Australians living in poverty today* not only impacts their life at home; it also adversely affects their education, and worse, the direction of their lives.

For almost 100 years, The Smith Family has been tackling the problem of poverty, one child at a time. Through their flagship Learning for Life program, they are helping children overcome their circumstances by providing long-term support for their education in three distinct ways. They provide financial support for school essentials, like uniforms and books. They provide access to additional learning programs before and after school – tailored to each child’s individual needs. And they match each child with a dedicated team member at The Smith Family to help them get to school, stay at school and go on to further training or work.

This proven three-pronged approach is equipping these children with the motivation, resilience and life skills they need to complete their schooling and go on to better futures.

We are absolutely delighted to be joining forces with The Smith Family to help Australian children break the cycle of poverty and realise their true potential. To learn more about the The Smith Family, please visit 

*ACOSS/UNSW Poverty Overview Report, 2020

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